“ Emerald isle” is an angled cut tapestry made with 100% wool. This incredibly soft wool hangs beautifully and will add warmth, texture, and movement to any space In your home.

This piece is hand dyed with a twist on an ombré design. Deep greens and lighter greens make up this piece of fiber art- perfect for small spaces or gallery walls!  

The yarn is 100% wool that comes from sheep living on acres of grassland in Massachusetts, where they are humanely treated and cared for. 

8 inch long wooden panel
28 inches total length from top of panel to bottom of yarn at its longest point 

*100% wool from humanely sheared sheep 

* please note that colors may be different in person than they appear on your phone or computer screen- Please send us an email if you would like to see additional photos or videos of the piece of art you are interested in

all sales final

Emerald Isle