Hi! I'm Julia- A self taught Fiber Artist living in Portland Oregon. I live with my handy-man husband, energetic toddler, brand new baby, and lovable Australian Shepard mix, Bruce.

Art has always been important to me. I have always looked at life in a creative way and discovered fiber art about 8 years ago. It was new and unique, so I just had to give it a shot. 

As a new mother, it's crucial that I keep my artistic-self alive, so I make sure to carve out even the tiniest bit of time to create in my studio. 

The main reason I create art, is to bring joy to my clients. Giving people something calming and interesting to look at, especially in stressful times, is why I do this. When the house is a mess or the kids are screaming, I want my client to be able to enjoy their art and feel a sense of calm, stillness, and joy. To me, Art in the home is just as essential as having a table or a couch- If taking a moment and looking at one of my pieces can lift your spirit, I know I did my job as an artist.